Holistic design for an enhanced user experience

When we look at design, we look at the complete user experience. In our process of contemplating new ways of reaching users, new ways of engaging with users, inspiring them and facilitating their evolving needs, we always start with the whole.
We make a study of what everything else looks like, up to, and around the point where they come into contact with our design influence.
This is not a new idea, it’s a reality that designers, strategists, innovators and owners are increasingly recognizing as the vital difference between traditionally conceived good design and a new era of the great user experience. 
Good design used to focus more on solving a specific range of problems according to each pre-determined brief. Good design would typically target the products immediate vicinity challenges as a method of process or ‘good’ ergonomics, ‘pleasing’ aesthetics and ‘appropriate’ production efficiencies.
Technology eliminated many of the barriers between user and object. Objects are engaged through multiple layers of interconnected platforms.
The digital and physical are now so interconnected that as designers we have learnt to consider a holistic approach. A holistic approach to design is happening across the industry. Diverse teams of creatives are required to deliver an enhanced user experience.
Industrial designer and entrepreneur Lee McCormack works with a wide range of specialists in order to develop a new idea, acknowledging that no individual designer can create a truly holistic design solution. However, for a project to be successful, even more so now it requires strong creative leadership. 
Holistic design requires a clear vision of the creative process while remaining open-minded to new and at times contradictory ideas. A clear vision is essential during the development process to prevent the core idea from being lost or diluted.
Developing products requires a lot of time and money and so investing energy and resources into disruptive ideas is not at all easy for all participants. As a result, we put great emphasis on leading the way with innovative research in order to reduce the inherent risks borne at every step of the way, as much as we possibly can.  
Lee McCormack works with a global team of innovators and specialists in order to realize innovative products that focus on delivering an immersive user experience.

Lee McCormack

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