Lee McCormack is a British product designer, author, technology strategist and serial entrepreneur. Working as part of a global network of creatives, innovators, protagonists, thinkers, hackers, engineers and academics to create award winning designs like the Oculas, Ovei and Orrb wellbeing pods.
McCormack is a co-founder and design lead for a new smart home product, designed as a residential plug-in to smart cities. The smart home product is design engineered to bring simplicity to the user experience when trying to manage the growing array of IoT products and services.
Backed by Los Angeles based real estate investors, McCormack’s team are building the prototype smart home on the grounds of a leading IoT and 5G UK University. A four storey pilot building is being planned for inclusion within one of the US’s newest smart city developments. The smart home product enhances the user experience while reducing home building production costs through innovative product engineering, material uses and IoT manufacturing techniques.  
McCormack places the user experience as the central focus for each project. Spatial design, smart technology applications, user interface design and smart manufacturing processes are incorporated to create the workplace wellbeing product, known as the Orrb relaxation pod.
With the example wellbeing at work, content is delivered using a software controlled relaxation room, the Orrb pod, to provide employees with a private sanctuary.  
Orrb is designed as a technology platform where the lights, airflow, surround sound system and door entry system are controlled via the product sdk’s. Having full control is essential in order to make use of the unique fully immersive spatial design environment. By controlling the fully immersive space it is possible to deliver experiences including a range of relaxation techniques, guided meditations, mindfulness training, performance training and videoconferencing.
McCormack’s seeks out solutions that can deliver the broadest possible range of user experiences. This is achieved by conceiving the product engineering and technology strategy as a self contained platform. A product as a platform enables innovative designers and developers wanting to make use of the technology to pursue and test out their own ideas. The strategy is to invite and work with companies and developers that share the same vision of an enhanced positive user engagement.
McCormack is building on the growing desire for holistic lifestyle product design.  Embracing holistic design thinking is transforming the way we conceive of and build homes, create private sanctuaries within the workplace and transform our ability to take control of our personal healthcare management.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

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